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Cheltenham College - UK

Turning the Victorian wood panelling into a loudspeaker: The vision was simple, outperform everything before… and be completely invisible!

LS-301 Enceintes Bibliothèques 2 voies bass-reflex de 2x50W

Les enceintes compactes LS-301 bénéficient de tout le savoir-faire la société TEAC.
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SR-60i Station d'accueil pour iPod/iPhone/iPad, USB, AUX

Le SR-60i est une petite station d'accueil pour iPod et iPhone qui bénéficie d'un port USB permettant la lecture des MP3 ainsi qu'une entrée mini-jack stéréo...
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Scottish Mansion - UK

No small requirement given that the initial sketches included 40 separate areas where sound and vision would feature.

Upton House National Trust - UK

Great houses and stunning landscapes often spring to mind when you think of England’s National Trust (NT).

CR-H238i Mini-Chaîne CD avec interface USB/SD/iPod

Cette Micro-chaîne vous permet de reproduire quasiment tous vos types de supports musicaux, CD, CD-R/RW, disques MP3, cartes SD ou mémoires USB...
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Mayfair Apartments - UK

Designing a development of five multi-million apartments in Mayfair London W1, requiring a state of the art control system combined with stunning interior design proved a tough challenge.

Watershed Modern Conference Area - UK

Reviving a redundant, listed building is a complex task. Especially when you are trying to retain the architectural heritage yet create a modern, eco-friendly conference centre and exhibition space.

DR-H338i Mini-Chaîne DVD 2.1 avec interface iPod/USB

Cette micro-chaîne DVD (CD, DivX) intègre une interface HDMI et la technologie Dolby Virtual Speaker pour...
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Ertford Pool - UK

It was a pleasant surprise for this Hertfordshire couple that, when bringing together all the best ideas they had encountered, all over the world, to create their own swimming pool that the final piece would be revolutionary technology that was made right

International Institute for Strategic Studies - UK

Renovating a familiar and much admired property in the heart of London is no challenge for the faint of heart, especially when the building in question is over 200 years old and home to a prestigious international think tank...

DS-22 Dock iPod & iPhone pour produits TEAC

Le DS-22 est un dock iPhone & iPod qui se connecte aux produits TEAC suivants : CR-H238i, AG-H600NT, T-H380NT et SL-D950.
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Integrated Barn - UK

When a Hertfordshire based property developer set out to create a stunning showcase for his company’s talents one of the many challenges along the way was how to incorporate the latest in integrated technology – specifically how to hide speakers within...

PD-D2620 Lecteur CD avec Chargeur 5 CD

Ce changeur de CD (CD, MP3) à carrousel peut contenir 5 disques. Vous pouvez lire l’équivalent de 50 CD sans en sortir un seul de...
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Tipton Church - UK

Dean Marks always had an unquenchable desire to create something unusual to live in. He decided on 16 pairs of Aminas throughout the main rooms. Although an accomplished builder, he was doing all the work himself, he was apprehensive about the install.

SL-D920 Radio Réveil CD/USB Enregist. /Tuner AM/FM RDS

Radio-réveil CD, avec système VBB pour les basses. USB lecture et enregistrement...
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Richmond Hill - UK

A stunning new build, modern contemporary home on the edge of Richmond Park in London is the perfect fit for Amina Invisible Loudspeakers providing great sound reproduction with no visible intrusion into its minimalist interior design.

SR-100iA Station d'accueil pour iPod/iPhone, CD, Tuner, USB

Le SR-100iA est l'un des appareils compacts les plus complets du marché. Il offre ainsi la lecture des iPhones, CD, Tuner FM et clé USB ainsi qu'une entrée RCA...
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Admiral's Victorian Mansion - UK

To provide the AV, with a minimum of visual disruption, the house employs a central entertainment server with Amina Plaster-In-wall loudspeakers in all the major rooms.

SR-100SE Station d'accueil pour iPod/iPhone, CD, Tuner, USB

Le SR-100SE permet la lecture des iPhones, CD, Tuner FM et clé USB ainsi qu'une entrée RCA...
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Barn 18th Century Cottage - UK

Creating a state of the art entertainment room in a 18th Century cottage raises the perennial problem: How do you install the latest AV suite but keep it sympathetic to the character and style of the house?

SR-LUXi Station d'accueil pour iPhone, réveil FM, Aux, Lamp

Le SR-LUXi propose, en plus de la radio, un dock iPod afin que vous puissiez vous réveiller avec votre musique. Ce doc fait également office de lampe...
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Boys & Toys Entertainment Area - Israel

This Israeli dream home includes an entertainment area consisting of a pool table, salt water aquarium, bar area and two relaxation areas to sit in and enjoy the company of family and friends...

CR-H260i Mini-Chaîne 2x25W, Bluetooth®, USB/iPhone, SD, CD...

Fort du succès rencontré par la CR-H500 (Diapason d’Or), TEAC a conçu un système intégré plus compact préservant...
Finitions :

Brunel's House - UK

While renovating and restoring this imposing property, Amina speakers were installed in the solid walls of each of the main rooms to provide the required high quality, room filling audio.

CD-RW890 Graveur de CD de salon

Ce graveur de salon lit et enregistre vos CD-R/RW.
Finitions :

Style House - Israel

In doing a complete renovation of their home near Tel Aviv, this Israeli couple had a clear vision of what they wanted, a stunning minimalist interior with zero clutter.

AG-D200 Ampli-Tuner A/V 7.1 numérique, 3D

L’AG-D200 est un ampli./tuner 7.1. Connectez jusqu’à 4 appareils en HDMI. Le système Audyssey™ et son micro paramètrent automatiquement vos enceintes par rapport à l’acoustique de la pièce...
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Carmaethern Welsh House - UK

At the heart of this dream house in West Wales, rather than dozens of unsightly loudspeakers it needs only 2 Amina invisible speakers in the ceiling to fill this massive room with high quality sound.

AG-D500 Ampli-TunerA/V 7.2 numérique, 3D, 4K & réseau

Ampli-tuner audio vidéo 7.2 réseau. Connectez jusqu’à 8 appareils HD en HDMI, incluant un port MHL permettant de lire vos vidéo 1080p à partir d’un Smartphone...
Finitions :

Cheyne Walk London Modern Bulding - UK

A world class property in one of the most sought after locations in London, this loving refurbishment manages to pull off several amazing feats.

Garage Music Home-Cinema - UK

Transform your garage into the family entertainment room. One enterprising family from South Wales have created the perfect solution and in doing so have fashioned living space that brings the whole family together.

Dairy Cottage - UK

In this idyllic cottage there are 14 Amina installed at the cottage: a pair of AIW5 80W loudspeakers in both the downstairs living room and study; four further sets of AIW3 40W speakers upstairs and a final pair of AIW3s in the dining room downstairs.

Colombian Home - Colombie

Surrounded by golf courses, zen-like gardens, lakes and shopping centres, this project is the most exclusive condominium in Bogota.

Invisible Cinema - UK

Renovating a period home often calls for compromise: especially when AV technology is concerned. But in this 1850s house the owners refused to accept this and installed an allsinging, all-dancing cinema experience that at a touch of one button, vanishes i

Inglenook Quandary - UK

As the focus for period properties a traditional inglenook fire place is hard to beat. But for the audiophile owner of this 350 year old converted bakery it left a quandary.