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Surrounded by golf courses, zen-like gardens, lakes and shopping centres, this project is the most exclusive condominium in Bogota.
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Surrounded by golf courses, zen-like gardens, lakes and shopping centres, this project is the most exclusive condominium in the capital of Colombia. Built as part of the Hatogrande Reserved project in Bogota, this house has been designed to incorporate contemporary architecture and the best technological devices to create a building that not only looks fantastic, but also delivers sensuous luxury in the form of light and sound.

The main aim for this project was to seamlessly blend high-tech elements and stunning aesthetics, therefore choosing the right products was essential for both to work in harmony.

Controlled by in-wall touch screens, an advanced lighting system allows the homeowner to set various lighting scenes to suit them. There is also an option to choose preset scenes such as holiday mode and good night mode. Additionally the system can be managed from external sources such as mobile phones with access to the house IP address resulting in incredible flexibility for the homeowner. No house, particularly one as technologically advanced as this, would be complete without the installation of a high quality sound system. In-keeping with the spacious, modern and personal feel to this building, the designers opted for Amina Technologies Invisible Loudspeakers.

The Amina Invisible Loudspeaker is designed to be installed in walls or ceilings rendering it totally invisible to viewers. This is possible due to the unique way Amina loudspeakers create sound; unlike a conventional cone loudspeaker, the active panel of the Amina loudspeaker vibrates in a similar way to the body of an acoustic guitar.

These vibrations recreate a diffuse source of sound energy which is emitted in a far less directional manner and one capable of filling a space far more evenly than a conventional speaker. This then allows the designer or homeowner to install the unit within a wall or ceiling, plaster over and paint or wallpaper as usual. The result is an invisible sound system with unparalleled sound quality.

A key feature in this house is the way in which the lighting and audio complement one another, as mentioned before, the owner can select pre-programmed lighting scenes, this system then links and consequently synchronises into the audio system. Combined with Amina Invisible Loudspeakers, this produces a tailored atmosphere in which the owner feels totally at home as the lighting subdues and the sound fills the room from all areas.


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