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Toyota Malaysia had invested in a new chain of state-of-the-art showrooms. And when it came to the audio system they wanted a smart solution to match...
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Toyota Malaysia had invested in a new chain of state-of-the-art showrooms. Every part of the new facilities were to be as sleek and as well designed as the cars they promoted. And when it came to the audio system they wanted a smart solution to match...

Quality in everything Toyota do
Renowned for the quality of their cars Toyota Malaysia had invested in a new range of prestigious showrooms to reflect their commitment to their customers. Boasting the very sleekest of designs they wanted the face of their Sales and Service to match their brand image. Three of the new showrooms were commissioned at Subang Jaya, Cheras and Penang to give existing customers and potential clients a total quality experience. The resulting showrooms had clean, sleek design but in achieving this set several intrinsic challenges for the audio system…

The first issue was for the system to blend in to this spartan space. The delivery of the audio, through loudspeakers, had to be as discreet as possible. Any visual disruption, even grilles, would be like an unwanted blemish on the face.
To add to this the speaker system not only had to fill these large open rooms with sound but had also to address the potential poor sound quality that would arise from the vast areas of acoustically reflective surfaces.
And finally, where the speakers could be positioned was restricted by the interior architecture.

Revolutionary technology
From the very start the installer realised that this was a job for Amina. All they had to do was convince the client that this revolutionary new speaker technology was right for them!
Firstly the technology needed to be explained and demonstrated to the staff at each of the selected Toyota dealerships to make sure that all impacted parties would understand the product and its capabilities.

So why were Amina right for this project?
Amina Invisible Loudspeakers are different. They produce sound in a different way to traditional pistonic speakers. They work like an acoustic musical instrument creating millions of precise vibrations in pockets across the panel of the speaker. To add to this, the speaker is a diffuse sound source and one that is highly effective at dispersing the audio over large areas which made the exact positioning less critical. This enabled the loudspeaker installation to be worked around the interior design rather than the other way around which so often happens.

Their ability to create room filling sound, to effectively and evenly fill large spaces with audio, not only results in a better experience for the listener but in general also reduces the number of speakers being needed to do the job.

Another benefit for this installation was also related to the way the loudspeakers create sound: the loudspeakers are an incoherent sound source. This meant that in this case the sound reflections are constructive i.e. the hard surfaces add to the quality rather than detract. So for the showrooms this helped to solve the issue of so many acoustically reflective surfaces.


For the Toyota dealerships the application of Amina Loudspeakers gave them a blemish free, totally invisible audio solution for their showroom and fantastic room filling sound throughout.