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Amina’s Evolution Series AIW550E Invisible Loudspeakers were used throughout the boardroom project, with three being built into the specialist joinery at the front in a classic...
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With offices located in a Grade II Listed building, within the heart of the City, the clients’ brief was to have a beautifully finished 16-seat executive boardroom as the centre-piece of a highly specified serviced office space. With completely integrated, yet discreet technology, to enhance the rooms’ functionality, the solution was a harmonious blend of well thought-out equipment, using an extensive range of avant-garde audio visual equipment and expert craftsmanship.


Coleman Street is steeped in history and is one of London’s ancient wards. Traditionally an area for the profession of charcoal-burners, from which it took its name, it boasts one of London’s largest public open spaces, Finsbury Circus. Having risen from its medieval ashes to become the Capital’s financial hub, home to the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange and notable landmark, St. Paul’s Cathedral, it was to be a project without compromise. Hence this boardroom would need to be finished to the highest standard and called for the best cutting edge of technology to be installed.


Integral to the ‘discreet’ requirement of this project is the invisible sound solution. Amina Invisible Loudspeakers were chosen as they can easily be incorporated into a room’s design and uniquely rendered invisible by using a range of surface materials. This flexibility made them the perfect solution for the artistically crafted, bespoke media wall in the boardroom, with book-matched exotic timber veneer and sap highlights across the floor to ceiling feature wall. The veneer has been laquered in a satin finish to enhance the contrast between the grain and sap, making for a truly stunning finish.


Amina’s Evolution Series AIW550E Invisible Loudspeakers were used throughout the boardroom project, with three being built into the specialist joinery at the front in a classic, left-centre-right set-up, the centre channel being centred below the TV. The front speakers have been routed into the back of the veneered panels, with the two rear speakers installed and plastered-over within the ceiling in a left and right rear channel set up, in order to continue the clean and discreet nature of the whole installation. The system has been designed to function in either a proper 5.1 Surround or a basic 5-Channel Stereo, ensuring the best distribution of sound to meetthe demands of the client.


The active subwoofer and cable cubbies have been built into the legs of the bespoke built veneer matched 16 seat boardroom table with subtle access panels and venting to ensure the most discreet installation possible whilst ensuring consistent coverage of computer connectivity and bass throughout.


Amina Invisible loudspeakers use Vibrational Panel Technology (VPT) and create sound by producing tiny vibrations in a way that is analogous to how acoustic musical instruments such as a violin work. The speakers thus produce high clarity room filling sound that does not get more directional with frequency, again akin to how the sound propagates from stringed instruments and are ideal for fitting behind a 2mm skim of plaster, 2-3mm of wood or wood veneer. The result is a visually striking, technology filled boardroom, unencumbered by clutter and visible technology. Amina Invisible Loudspeakers, using (VPT), can easily be integrated into any interior, providing high quality audio, in commercial and residential projects, with stunning results.


Kit list:
- 5.1: 5x AIW550E (100W per loudspeaker)
- Active subwoofer